A message from Susan G. Solomon

American Playgrounds: Revitalizing Community Space will soon have a companion volume, The Science of Play: How to Build Playgrounds that Enhance Children’s Development. The new book arrives in November 2014. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are already taking orders.

American Playgrounds is a history, manifesto, and manual. It looks at the American playground since World War II and tells a story of vitality followed by four decades of decline. It highlights American solutions to combat today’s uninventive standardized equipment.

The Science of Play unites data with design. The Science of Play investigates what kids need to thrive and then sees what those principles ( e.g. risk taking, succeeding and then failing; planning ahead and exercising self –control; developing friendships) look like in playgrounds that already exist. There are more than fifty examples from throughout the world.

The Science of Play has its own web site. Feel free to contact me for information on my availability for speaking engagements or consulting opportunities.


Susan G. Solomon